Aligning capital allocation to ESG: Creating an advantaged portfolio with an ESG lens

Companies should think holistically and ensure their capital-allocation decisions reflect their ESG commitments.

Authors: Andrew Swart, Global Mining & Metals Leader, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited Andrew Lane, Energy, Resources & Industrials Leader, Deloitte Africa


Evolving mining’s world of work: Positioning organisations for an increasingly competitive labour market

Facing an increasingly competitive labor market requires mining and metals companies to position themselves as an attractive sector and employer, capable of meeting evolving priorities.

Authors: Janine Nel, Partner, Consulting, Deloitte Canada Marcello Cordova Alvestegui, Diretor, Consulting, Deloitte Chile


Establishing a new paradigm for Indigenous relations: Creating partnerships for progress

Indigenous communities around the world are often keen to establish a new type of understanding and connection with mining and metals companies that participate in their environment. When planning new projects, mining companies should look for opportunities that align with local communities’ own goals and priorities.

Authors: Professor Deen Sanders OAM, Lead Partner, Integrity, Deloitte Australia Joe Hedger, Partner, Indigenous Services Group, Deloitte Australia,Jason Rasevych, Partner, National Indigenous Services Leader, Deloitte Canada


Preparing operations for climate change: Managing physical risks through digital insights

Mining companies should prepare for the physical impacts a warming climate can produce across their businesses and operations as well as beyond their own sites.

Authors: John O’Brien, Partner, Financial Advisory, Deloitte Australia Patricia Muricy, Mining & Metals Leader, Deloitte Brazil